Saturday, January 15, 2011

I really don't care about WotC mini's

Yeah I bought a few when I got back into DMing, but I don't think I really need them.  Eighteen years ago I bought a bunch of lead mini's and painted a few of them, but we never used them in our games.  We didn't even use the counters that came in the revised edition MERP rules.  All the action took place in our heads.  We did play allot of Axis and Allis, and other board games, so we were familiar with counters, they just never showed up in our games.  Now we also never played around a table, but in each others bedrooms, basements and living-rooms sprawled out in a chaotic mess.  I do remember drawing  few tactical maps for a Twilight 2000 game a ran for a while, probably spurred on by the cool maps that came in the second edition box, but there were no mini's or counters representing players or bad guys.

Yeah when we get back to our C&C game tomorrow afternoon I'm bringing my mini's mostly because I'm to busy trying to run the encounters (or Lazy) to try and remember where everyone is.  My problem with mini's is they turn a chaotic melee encounter into a tactical exercise.  Oh well it is what it is, I'll ponder ways to put the chaos back into combat at the table, for now I'm fine with it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I've been reading blogs, and watching youtube video's all day because momma is too busy to play C&C today so we cancelled and I'm lazy.  Now I'm watching "I'm Still Here" and googleing Phoenix.  Since I started reading X-men when John Byrne knocked it out of the park I wanted to throw some thing up, and I like women with tattoos.  I should go read Icons, because the movie is boring me at this point.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Games I bought in 2010 and games I want to play in 2011

I bought a lot of games in 2010, why you ask?  Some time back in the 90's I sold most of my RPG collection.  I don't remember the lame excuse I made up at the time there you have it, so this year I did my best to rebuild said collection.  Oh and I bought new stuff that looked cool.  Obviously I bought way to much last year, time to cut back, and I've decided if I'm going to collect RPGs I'm going to stick to non TSR first edition box sets.  I've got my eye on some of the Chaosium catalog.

Stuff I know I bought:
Most of the AD&D hardcovers (I still had my 2e stuff)
Mentzer's Basic, expert and Companion boxed sets
A bunch of AD&D modules (these weren't replacements I just wanted them)
A bunch of Palladium games
  2 complete sets of TMNT and other Strangness
  Palladium fantasy and supplements
  Ninjas and Superspies
Amber Diceless Role-playing
  Shadow Knight
Death Valley free prison
Atomic Highway
  Irradiated Freaks
Dogs in the Vineyard
Barbarians of Lamuria
  Barbarians of the Aftermath
Dresden Flies your world and our world
Savage Worlds Explorers edition
  SW supers
  SW Fantasy
Silver Age Sentinels
The Dying Earth
MERP, and some supplements
Mouse Guard
Burning Wheel
Mutants and Masterminds 2e
Twilight 2000 and a few supplements
2300 AD
Mega Traveler
Star Wars Revised ed (WotC)
Shadows of Yesterday
Starblazer Adventures
Legends of Anglerre
Hamlets Hit Points

I bet I missed a few.  Obviously I didn't read everything, most of the books I just wanted to have, yes I am a consumer.  Some I started reading and gave up on after a couple of pages or chapters I've want to play rules lighter games and GDW products are not rules light.

So what do I want to play this year:

Atomic Highway for the low freak P.A. junkie I am.
Barbarians of Lamuria or some other pulpy low magic fantasy game.
Dresden Files to off set the low magic pulp game.
Starblazer Adventures because FATE games are cool, and I love me some syfy.
I really want to play a heroes game I just haven't found one to love.  When my buddy asked me to run a game I seriously thought about Palladiums Heroes Unlimited, maybe I should read Icons.

I read in Fred Hicks blog if you want to play more you have to run more, I guess I'm running.