Saturday, April 16, 2011

AD&D replaced by Star Wars RPG

A month ago our 2e AD&D DM had to call it quits (family issues), which was a horrible loss.  We'd been playing his campaign for a little over a year, the longest single game I've ever played in.  At the end my dwarven cleric fighter Bob went from level 2/2 to 6/7 before he met his match in the second to last session we ran.  It was sad to see him go, but in truth he had become a bit to powerful so I actually lobbied the DM to put him down.  For the last game I made a gnome illusionist who I'd been building in my mind for a while.  I had great things in mind, but was thwarted our last game, where in the only encounter we had was against undead.  I had no idea what to do ... and forgot about the protection spell I'd cast on myself which almost cost Larry his new little life.  Oh well.

The group rallied and one player offered to run Star Wars (WotC), which we had run a one shot of this summer.  After several failed starts we got going last night.  I'm playing a skinny scoundrel Alex Dijon with a 6 strength.  It's kind of cool, but we played only a short session due to failed endurance checks.  While I'm not a big d20 fan the game master runs a tight game, which based on last night should be filled with intrigue, subplots and lost of adventure.  Count me in for fun.

Still reading Witchcraft, and scored an eBay auction with a couple of supplement books.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

C.J. Carella's Witchcraft

I'm thinking about starting a Witchcraft game.

My Sunday afternoon group has lost two players, fortunately we'll be adding one so it'll still be a group to game with.  So it might be a good time for a switch.  Because I'm a book junkie I've still be acquiring new stuff most of which I don't read, however I'm hooked on Witchcraft.  It's like World of Darkness (Hunter the Vigil ... which I'd play if it weren't for dice pools)and the Dresden Files mashed up in an easy fun system.

Mostly I saw the Huge Ruined Pile stud posted for the first time since January and it got me thinking about RPG blogging again.  I was thinking the other day driving home from a gig about Christian's Faces in the Crowd booklets, maybe that's some I'll work on and post here.  I'll need NPC's for the game, and some experience making Unisystem characters ... hopefully more soon, I still have to finish the book.