Thursday, July 7, 2011

I probably buy to many games.

Like Shadowrun 20th which I picked up yesterday at Game Empire:

And from ebay Car Wars which came in the mail today:

And DC heroes which came yesterday:

Oh what to play ... our 2eAD&D group is talking about getting back together and the DM asked I'd like to run a game once a month.  I seriously considered running the Temple of Elemental Evil all 1e, or OSRIC.  But then I threw it out to the group, asking what they'd like to play since I've got shelves of games I'd love to play.  We'll see what they say.


  1. Cars Wars is one of those games that I admired, enjoyed, a played a decent amount of, yet don't own yet again. I need to get on that!

  2. I think we played it once back in HS after watching Mad Max or the Road warrior.

  3. Wow! We used to play the hell out of Car Wars Deluxe Edition back in the day. There's an extremely rules-light system for making characters. We played tons of scenarios both in and out of vehicles.