Friday, March 12, 2010

Palladium Games

Back in the day we had a lot of fun playing any Palladium system we tried.  My buddy Chris ran a a couple of great TMNT campaigns.  A couple of us ran Heroes Unlimited games which I always had a blast playing.  I know I ran a Ninjas & Superspies game now and then, which I thing everyone liked.  Someone ran a ROBOTECH gme for a while.  Of course we tried Palladium Fantasy, but compared to AD&D it fell short for us/me so we never really got into it.

RIFTs ... yeah we played, I don't remember who ran the games, but I do know we had fun playing.  So I've read a bunch of blog posts in the last couple of weeks bashing RIFTs.  Yes the system might have a fucked up power curve, but come on guys.  The GM should be on top of character creation and put the kibosh on the power gamers.  The GM should be on top of the entire game, how hard is it for a good GM to crush any PC he wants to.

Like most games it's only as good as the GM.

Plus anyone who gets Keith Parkinson to paint a couple of covers must know a think or two.