Saturday, August 21, 2010

20 pages

I've been asked to run a game, any game I want, by the group I'm playing with and while I can do AD&D in my sleep I know myself.  I am an ADHD gamer I see some thing shinny and new and I want to try it out, I read some thing and I want to play it, I see a movie and the cool part in the end right before the hot chick loses her top, that's GOT to be in the next game.

I love the AD&D, I am perpetually interested in all things post apocalypse, supers have been some my favorite game I've played in.  I could go on.  So I want to have some consistency for the players I thought wouldn't it be great if they could make one set of players that could work with want ever my whim is at the moment.  So google and me did some looking FATE/FUDGE, GURPS, Palladium, PDQ, SW, D6, True20, Hero System ... and on and on.  I subscribe to game geeks so I spent some time watching Kurt get excited about Savage Worlds, Unisystem and Cortex and mentioned FATE.  SW seem the most flexible (there are books for supers,  fantasy, P.A. etc) to me so I thought what the hell 15 bucks for a PDF I can afford it.  Then Christian at destination unknown mentioned he was looking for  Dresden Files RPG and I thought to myself, self that sounds fucking cool, and it looks like there are people writing books that will suit my interests for this FATE system.  Will it all work together who knows.

What I do know is after reading 25+ pages of the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition this morning and 20 pages of the Dresden Files RPG this after noon I offer this insight.  If I fall asleep reading the book (SW) I'm probably not going to play the game or spend any more money on your products.  If I don't get how to play the game pretty fucking quickly I'm not interested in playing the game.  If I can't figure out how to make a basic character (like a magic used for a fantasy game, a fighter type looks doable) after reading the character creation section why in the hell would I spend the time to play the game.  Let me say that I really wanted to like SW, it sound like the kind of system I want to play flexible and quick.  Now the DFRPG on the other hand has me salivating for more.  Who knows after I read the character creation rules I might throw my lap top out the window, but at this point I see a clear leader in this race.

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