Monday, August 23, 2010

Reading, gaming and my attention span.

I bought the Dresden Files RPG book/PDF bundle from Evil Hat and was stoked that I'd be able to start reading instead of impatiently waiting for the mail.  I've noticed that reading on a computer versus a book I'm not paying as much attention, and my comprehension of the text goes way down.  I find myself rereading passages more often then when I read books.

What I like about DFRPG so far: the collaborative nature.  The book opens with a fairly detailed overview of the game, and characters.  The second section is not on character building, but city building.  The GM and players work together flushing out a setting they want to game in.  As a GM you get ideas of what the characters want in their game.  I like the idea that character buy in to the setting from the get go.  Characters are then created with built in hooks (aspects) for the GM to build stories with.  I'm getting jazzed to start running this game.

Back to my reading and a suggestion you are not the worlds next Gygax so your 35000 word blog post is probably 95% crap.  Edit the idea and get to the point.

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  1. I am a big fan of short(ish) blog posts. I struggle to stay with anything longer than four paragraphs. It may be linked to my inability to read a computer screen for any length of time.