Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again (DMing that is)

After a 15 year or so break from role playing that ended late last year I'm going to start DMing again.  Why subject my self to the trouble?  In the last eight or nine months I've played in a bunch of games, most mediocre at best.  First let me say I'm in a great 2e AD&D game with a enthusiastic DM, and a fun group of dudes, they and their play make me want to play more, but alas the DM can only play every other week, which I understand.  Since I left my job with a fortune 500 soul crushing people eater, and cut back on shooting USPSA, I've had a lot more time so after I found the 2e group I started looking for another group, you know for the other weekends in the month.  Not a lot of luck so far:  I found a local guy and tried 4e which was okay, but the crew was scary, smelly dudes and the bathroom might have been cleaned the last time Reagan gave a state of the union speech.  I tried Pathfinder with a large group who ran the pathfinder society scenarios, a great group of people, but the role playing was weak.  I like the idea of organized play, there just wasn't a lot of role playing we ran threw the missions and murdered everything.  I happened on to a 3.5 game that sounded really great a DM who has been running this campaign world for 30 years.  I thought wow this could be a hided Forgotten Realms like gem ... so wrong, and so boring.  Another 3.5 game ran by one of the guys in the 2e group kind of fizzled out, but could have been good.  A Dark Ages Vampire game that has some potential, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make the time for the game going forward.  Lastly another guy in the 2e game had a former student running a 3.5 game on Sundays with our wives, well former student is off to collage and the group asked if I would run a game ... Why not I know I can do better than most of the games I've tried out in the last nine months.

I had my mind/heart set on running a DFRPG game, however you know life as an adult has gotten in the way of me finishing the book, so I'm falling back on what I know best 2e.  I'm torn weather to run C&C which seems to be easy peasy or straight 2e (no complete books).  What I do know is, based on my resent lack of DM experience and this link on Cyclopeatron's blog, that I'm going to run the group through B2 to help get me back into the swing of things.  I've never ran a module as a DM, or B2 as a player so I'm excited for the fun to start this Sunday with character creation (as a nod to the DFRPG I'm gunning to run we are going to try using the aspects sheet/system/idea for the characters) and a little introduction scenario.

The bummer is I'm going to have to bow out of Christian's OD&D game since we are going to play Sunday afternoons.


  1. Keep us posted on your progress. I would love to hear about it. As you know, I think 2e is pretty cool, so I bet you'll have a blast.

    It's very interesting that you are running 2e with the Keep on The Borderlands. When I was living briefly in San Bernardino near Kendall and University, I started a 2e game using the 25th anniversary edition of B2. I named the keep Kendall Keep and it because one of the most fun games I've ever run.

  2. thanks, I had no idea you were commenting here, now I've turned on email notification..