Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic yummieness!

I have a soft spot in my RPG heart for the Post-Apocalyptic genera.  It probably has to do with growing up in the 1980's snugly sandwiched between our southern NATO/NORAD alia and over the north pole by the Evil Soviet Union.  As teens we played the hell out of Twilight 2000 and TMNT Road hogs.  There may have been other games, but they're long lost to my memory.  We watched Red Dawn, and The Road Warrior almost as many times as Star Wars, and what adolescent teen boy didn't want to rescue Jennifer Grey and Lea Thompsom.

The postman brought me two things today: from Netflix I got The Road, and from Nerdvana Games I received Atomic Highway.  I haven't read it all yet, and may never, but based on the first two chapters it'll defiantly be something to consider running in the future.  When one of the groups I'm playing in asked me to run a game on Sundays I seriously considered running a TMNT Road Hogs game, unfortunately I reread the rules ... so I am going with some thing I know well 2e AD&D/C&C, but now there is a new contended when my ADHD kicks in.

Oh and in case you're interested The Road is kind of depressing.


  1. T2k was a heck of a fun game. We played the hell out of it. My favorite campaign was the one we set in our hometown of San Diego.

  2. We ran all our twilight (okay can't say just twilight anymore) ames in Poland or some other Warsaw Pack country that had been bombed into the stone ages> I think our goal was always to get HOME, but none of our campaigns got there.

  3. I'm with you for Post Apoc. Thunderdome was my favorite. I fell in love with the Fallout precursor- Wasteland. And you nailed it with Jennifer Grey and Lea Thompson!