Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stuck on the Astral Plane.

Our Saturday night DM ended the game on the edge of a huge cliffhanger this week.  We have been, I think running through Scourge of the Slave Lords, or Secrets of the Slavers Stockades although heavily modified by the DM.  Anyway midway through the evening we find a stairway down to a lower level.  We were almost immediately set upon by an Arial Servant, that attempted to scoop up Ryoon our elven archer,  luckily he was able to break free, after a short engagement our Mage Horis wasn't so lucky.

We raced after Hoiris, and quickly fell into an ambush.  An evil somethingorother dude zapped Rufio our rogue into an unknown portal, and proceeded to electrocute us with a fancy Bronze Dragon helm, ouch!  I forget who got the best of the evil dude, but when they did the Arial Servant opened some sort of portal back to the astral plane.  The group wanting/hoping to save Rufio hastily followed the Arial Servant in the vain hope of locating the poor rogue.  What a great cliff hanger, and it was fun.

I got home late, but the next morning after my coffee the first thing I did was pull out my copy of Jeff Grubb's excellent The Manual of the Planes to do a little research, although after I finished the first couple of paragraphs I thought better and closed the book, I'd hate to spoil my own fun.  The fact that we were even battling an arial servant, or ended up on the astral plane was a mystery to us until the end of the session when the DM let it slip we were all on the same plane then spilled the rest.  I've never adventured on another plane as a player of a DM so I am excited where we are going.  

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