Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Light reading while in Utah

I wrote this about Atomic Highway which I brought with me to Utah for Thanksgiving for some getaway reading.  Super glad I did, it has been a great read, and looks like it'll be a fun system to run and play.  My read on the V6 engine is storyteller light, use d6's instead of ten's but you never roll mitt full of them most PC's will never roll more than four.  Character creation, vehicle construction are fairly easy to understand while the concepts and tropes are familiar for the low fantasy radioactive future.

Yeah there are mutants, but this isn't Gamma World (which I am itching to play), the mutations are more like Costner's character in Water World than the gonzo mutations in TMNT Road Hogs, and Mutant Future etc.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the Road Hogs games my buddy Chris ran, but I prefer my Post Apocalypse sicience fiction these days more along the lines of The Postman (yeah I know it's cheesy), The Book of Eli, even I am Legend.

I'm thinking Atomic Highway will soon be played at our gaming table.


  1. I was looking at Atomic Highway just yesterday and was hemming and hawing as to its purchase. perhaps I'll go back and nab it.

    Like you, I want a more gritty post apocalyptic experience. If I want crazed mutants and bizarre powers, I'll play D&D.

  2. It really looks like a fun rules light game, I was considering Day After Ragnarok for Savage Worlds, but I can't fine it in print, and I'm not so sure about the Savage Worlds system.

  3. I'm hesitant about SW, too. I've read a few too many reviews where people have said, "The game is not fast and furious at all." That concerns me. I also don't like gimmicks in the game play. I just want simple, easy to follow mechanics.

    When you wrote Storyteller-light in your description of Atomic Highway, I was intrigued. You know I get all goofy over Storyteller. ;)

  4. Mechanically in my experience storyteller is way to SLOW when the shit hits the fan to many dice, counting successes, subtracting defensive successes ... good gosh it seemed to take forever for some players to count, and the while the system seems to stress role-playing even in situations where a player/character role-played success was often determined by a rolling dice. I'm going to stop ranting now. I'm looking forward to trying A.H.