Thursday, April 14, 2011

C.J. Carella's Witchcraft

I'm thinking about starting a Witchcraft game.

My Sunday afternoon group has lost two players, fortunately we'll be adding one so it'll still be a group to game with.  So it might be a good time for a switch.  Because I'm a book junkie I've still be acquiring new stuff most of which I don't read, however I'm hooked on Witchcraft.  It's like World of Darkness (Hunter the Vigil ... which I'd play if it weren't for dice pools)and the Dresden Files mashed up in an easy fun system.

Mostly I saw the Huge Ruined Pile stud posted for the first time since January and it got me thinking about RPG blogging again.  I was thinking the other day driving home from a gig about Christian's Faces in the Crowd booklets, maybe that's some I'll work on and post here.  I'll need NPC's for the game, and some experience making Unisystem characters ... hopefully more soon, I still have to finish the book.


  1. Christian said...
    Glad to see you back! I am going to see if my buddy will loan me his Withcraft books. i am really intrigued by the system. Did I send you both Faces in the Crowd booklets? I got a lot of mileage out of those damn things and would like to write a third if I could ever get off my lazy rear.

    I've been digging your photography. You are very talented.


  2. Thanks Christian

    I'm sold on unisystem, the basics are so simple, combat is deadly, and role playing is encouraged. I got the first Faces booklet which is great I wish I was on my NPCs like that, great job.

  3. I'll make sure to drop the second installment in the post to you.

  4. WitchCraft is an awesome game, I am glad to see it getting more love!

  5. Yeah i'm digging it, and looking to get a copy of Ghosts of Albion and making a mash up.