Monday, June 13, 2011

Fire Storm, good vs. bad

You notice the ground around you start to crackle as small embers come to life at your feet.  In an instant you are engulfed in arcane fire.  Smoke clogs your lungs and eyes, hair burns as does your flesh.  Oh go ahead and make a Dex. save!  Hugo reacts instantly nimbly leaping to relative safety.  Miguel shrugs it the burning fire off like a light rain shower his Dwarven resistance to the arcane serves him well.  His brother Alfonso is not so lucky, the fire overtakes him, he does not emerge from the flames.  Captain Ron, though only on the edge of the deadly burning ring, struggles in the fire, and must have been over come by the smoke inhaling a lungful at the wrong second.  Ron falls hard just out of the deadly ring.  

The Demon's minion cases Fire Storm, make a Dex Save.  Hugo and Miguel take 13 hp damage, and get out, Ron and Alfonso take the full 26 points of damage and both are knocked unconscious.

Which was I, and which do I try to be?  How do you want to handle descriptions?


  1. Top description was narrative and cool, brought in the characters' backgrounds and abilities.

    The next one was mechanical and very - oh, here goes nothing - very 4e and gamist.

    Give me the narrative any day of the week. Even if you're description isn't epic, you get a gold star for trying.

  2. Yeah I know I just had my brain in my other head this Saturday.