Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was a bad GM today

I mapped out a few encounters (both role playing and potential combat), that forwarded the plot we've been embroiled in.  In my mind (foreshadowing here) I mapped out the introduction of some new npc's, who I did have stats for, their personalities and motivations.  I planned to introduce a little dynamic sub plot ... and I got to the table and my mind went kind of blank.

Note to self write more depend on your fragile male noggin less.

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  1. I dig your header. I need to make a banner someday, but, um, yeah...

    I hear you about game notes. I have to write down every scene I play to run, just some brief notes. Otherwise I will get all wobbly and forget everything.

    I envy your Witchcraft efforts. I need to borrow my buddy's book so I can delve a bit deeper myself.