Friday, October 1, 2010

Keep on the borderlands

Like the good DM I want be I'm doing a little prep work for our first session this Sunday.  Yeah I know we'll probably be lucky to get characters made with my plan to implement the DFRPG aspects work sheet into the process, but I'm hoping to get a scene under our belts as well.  Back on point I'm thinking that any one of the complexes in the Caves of Chaos could quite easily result in a TPK for a first level party, especially if I roll well and they don't (assuming they aren't suicidal in their assault).  Rereading the description of the Keep I'm fairly confident a party could spend a couple of sessions without venturing into the wilderness.  I'm planning a few encounters within the walls for the party to get to know each other, their characters, and my gaming style.  With special thanks to Johnn 4 and his 100 city encounters.  Mostly I'm hoping the party can get in to a significant amount of trouble in the keep and the surrounding area to bump most of the group up to second level.

On the plus side this weekend our 2e DM called for a bonus session this Saturday night ... YAY!

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