Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got mini's

... Yep we did it.  After our fist C&C game where we used dice to mark PC and foe positions on a battle mat I spent the next two weeks acquiring some minis.  Before I left for Vegas I won an eBay auction for 100 minis, and while in Vegas I hit a couple of FLGS's and picked up a some of over priced WotC minis.  It reminded me of buying hockey cards as a kid who knew what I would get in the mystery box, I think they were Lords of Madness, or something like that, one box had a Roc the other a Trebuchet.

with thanks to Christian for the picture cause I'm to lazy to go make one of my own, kind of sad for a photographer.

What the hell am I going to do with a f'ing Roc and a Trebuchet?  It's like hoping to get an Oiler, and getting stuck with a Flame Grrr!  Nobody wanted to trade for a Flame.  Not going to do that again.

I did pick up one Monster Manual pack that I could see had a bad ass Minotaur because B2 has one ... and Minotaurs are cool.

How did minis go in the game?  It went well the group is green so there wasn't a whole lot of tactical meta-gaming BS.  The one player who has some experience gave the group some suggestions, which they needed.  As I suspected the mat was much more easy to understand (am I the green d6, or the red d8?) and the players took to movement in the combat environment and could make firm decisions.



  1. Great finds! I dig that roc. You're right, though, not too many roc fights. :) Take a session of your battle mat next time. I'd love to check it out.


  2. Glad it worked out for you and your players! Hope the "tactical meta-gaming BS" doesn't creep its way too strongly in your future games.
    Completely understand your frustration with the whole randomly packed thing. That's why I make my own minis/tokens with my trusty friends, pencil, pen, paper, Photoshop and Mr Xerox machine.