Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini's or not?

The DM for the 2e game I play in has a horde of mini's he uses for everything, and sometimes it can bog down the game.  For combat I do enjoy knowing where everyone is, but I do worry that it makes the combat more "tactical" not a major worry just something in the back of my mind.

Who doesn't love Mind Flayers.

Last week FedEx brought me a D&D starter set.  I order them Monday after our little mini dungeon I ran the new group through.  Before the game I ran down to a FLGS to pick-up a couple minis, but nothing caught my eye.  Now I do have some minis I bought when I was in high school, they are lead most aren't painted and the home we are playing at holds a three year old and a newer tit sucker.  I t probably would have been fine, but some parents are a little paranoid, and I didn't want to offend anyone.  I like mini's I just don't know how much I want to use them in my game.

I lust after a beholder mini.


  1. I play on a grid so I'd need tokens or minis to make it work. I enjoy the tactical aspect of the game but I hate how a lot of players get out of character when combat takes place. The bumbling idiot Dwarf Warden suddenly becomes a Pentagon worthy tactician.

  2. Yeah and meta gaming communication.

  3. I'm a big minis and terrain nerd, so I'm down with their use. I don't mind the game within a game so much.

  4. Christian I can tell from your blog you dig the mini's and I've gotten a lot of ideas from you, thanks. I think your use of terrain and buildings is ambitious. I'll be adding mini's to the table for combat, and I do think the newer repainted ones are kind of cool.