Sunday, October 31, 2010

On monks and elves.

I mentioned previously that one of the players in our C&C is playing a monk, cleverly named Yoda (I'm thinking the name would have fit a gnome better, the player chose to be human).  As an encouragement to get the players to complete their aspects worksheet I gave them a generous amount of experience points which when combined with the encounter and treasure xp was enough to bump the monk up to third level.  In my opinion one of the coolest monk abilities (gained at 2nd level) is deflection of normal missiles.  When a missile that normally hit the monk they may make a dexterity check.  If the check succeeds the monk deflects the missile and takes no damage.  The monk can only deflect one missile a round, must be aware of the attack, and have a free hand to deflect the missile.

This ability in C&C differs from the AD&D monk where the monk must make a saving throw verses petrification, and there is no mention of the number of missiles that can be deflected.  In my AD&D Players Manual Gygax basically gives the monk a get out of jail free card ... if one were to fail a saving throw they only take one half damage, and no damage if they make the save, however if the spell/ability does not cause damage the effect still happens in the event of a failed save the example given is the gaze of a basilisk still petrifies the monk.  Gygaxien monks are slippery, and while they are comparatively wimpy at lower levels, the monk kicks ass as they level up.

Yoda is also the only none elf in the troupe, I don't particularly care for elves.  Maybe Orlando Bloom's portrayal of Legolas forever turned me off to elves, maybe because I enjoy playing Gygaxien dwarves who don't care for elves, who knows and I don't care, I just don't like elves.  To throw a wrench in the parties works I made the elven characters come from a secretive/secluded nation state, and the humans in the region they are adventuring in are afraid and suspicious of all elves who they share a border with.  I hope the players will struggle with racism and this will lead to interesting role-playing.  Since the group arrived at the Keep yoda has had to interact with most of the NPC's since none of them is willing to speak to the elves.  I am a little worried this will put a bit to much emphasis on Yoda while at the Keep, however I'm hoping this trend will continue where I give each player the spot light for a while and allow them to explore their characters more in-depth.

Tolkien Elves are tough, which is one of the reasons I suppose people like playing elves.  AD&D 1e/2e elves with their infra-vision +1 to hit with long bow or long sword +1 dexterity, basically immune to charm and sleep and on and on.  C&C elves inherit from Gygax most of those traits.  One thing I really like is elves have twilight vision not deepvision (Dwarves, 1/2 orcs. and Gnomes mostly) which finally makes sence to me.  Why would the terrainean elf get the same underground vision as the subterranean dwarf.    


  1. thanks I like the painting, I'm not sure about my undesign job.

  2. I always thought elves were the cool kids that make humans look useless, you think 'what's the point in being a human?'. Monks tip the balance though.