Monday, October 25, 2010


Yesterday we role played, yeah I try to get some role-playing in every weekend like the good geek I am, but yesterday we really role played.  Our complete group has met twice now for a Castles and Crusades game I'm DMing and running Keep on the Borderlands for.  In the first character creation session where I badly fumbled my explanation of aspects (from the FATE, or DFRPG I'm still reading), I did manage to plant the seed of aspects in the minds of the group.  Yesterday we worked through an aspect work sheet for their characters.  I had given them a heads up via email Friday with a couple of prompts, and they ran with it, I read a couple of paragraphs from DFRPG on high concepts, and troubles once they understood I mostly sat at the table asking clarifying questions.

An hour and a half later we started the game.  The group encountered the spiders, (one of our players really doesn't like spiders, however his character was okay) which I had worked in a a threat to the keeps food supply; therefor earning the group a bit of good will form some at the keep.  Sorry Christian I forgot to make a photo of the game mat for you.  The rest of the evening was spent exploring the Keep and surrounding Hamlet which I shamelessly stole from Bigby's Left Hand.