Thursday, October 14, 2010


My latest Ebay reacquisition is a MERP boxed set.  It came last week while I was away at the USPSA National Championship Match (that's a link to the top 25 results, yeah I'm there at 16!).  In my tiny mind I can recount playing a couple of times, I always thought the ICE's MERP products had great art and maps so I wanted some of their stuff in my collection.  Mostly I remember hours of character generation, followed by swift death in brutally quick combat, and reading the crazy critical hit/fumble tables.

I am trying to rebuild my RPG collection I hawked through the years, so I'm looking for more MERP supplements because they are a whole lot of awesome, and have my eyes open for a 1e Twilight 2000 boxed set.


  1. Congratulations on your score. The first campaign of any length that I ran in high school was a MERP game. I have fond memories of the system and the excellent supplements (I still have them). Ironically, I eventually went on to work with some of the founders of Iron Crown when they were trying their hand in the computer gaming industry.

  2. MERP supplements were some of the best, might me to much detail in them.